Intera giornata - A partire da €70/pax - Min 6 pax

We start from Molo Oltremare and passed the Aragonese Castle, which stands in all its pride on a rock overlooking the sea, we arrive quickly at the extreme point of the promontory where the sea can be admired from the Sanctuary of the Split Mountain, with its characteristic chapel dedicated to the Holy Cross, built on a rock wedged between two cliffs and suspended over the deep blue sea.

After the Serapo beach town, always crowded with bathers, navigating alongside the coastline, with its winding streets, conveys the poetry and atmosphere of fresh Mediterranean lifestyle.

Continuing our destination, we meet before the St. Vitus Bay, a beautiful cove clear water, sheltered from the currents and therefore used since ancient times by sailors to take shelter from the west wind, and, soon after, the long St. Augustine beach, a paradise for surfers and lovers of the waves. Our goal is near and soon we see the picturesque town of Sperlonga, with its white houses perched on the promontory. Even from the sea you can see small courtyards and gardens, stairways flanked by vases of flowers and windows adorned with colorful climbing plants.
This brings us to our destination: the open-air museum of the ancient Villa of Tiberius (which we suggest you do a visit by land).
The Roman Emperor Tiberius chose Sperlonga for his holiday residence and ordered the construction, in addition to a sumptuous villa, where he can welcome his guests, and where you can admire the remains, even of personal fishing ponds, which lie still at the beautiful beach of Tiberius.
After a swim, the water crystal that reflects the warm rays of the sun, we take the way back. The scenic cruise through the mystical beauty of these places, offers a moment of reflection and introspection. The sights, sounds and smells of this spectacular trip will remain an indelible memory in the minds and hearts of all its participants ...